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2022 is looking to be Suraeh’s best year yet, as he continues to release songs such as “Rest Of Our Lives (Ft. Bvle)”, “Heaven Was Wrong” and his long awaited single “Little Things”.

As Suraeh says, “Music is like a drug for me. Once I started, I couldn’t stop, I just kept getting hungrier and hungrier, striving to do better and be better not only in music, but across other aspects of my life. Suraeh is on a mission to change the world with his music, through being as vulnerable as possible within his tracks. From writing raps under tables in the classroom to singing up on massive stages towards crowds of thousands.

The direction he is taking will help encourage an overall community or (“family”) to be built through never-ending openness of emotional connection, allowing people to talk freely without judgement. Suraeh is backwards for ‘Hear Us’, it means to hear those whose voices are not heard and needs that are not attended too.

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